The Cages

Our facility boasts 3 separate batting cages equipped with Iron Mike© pitching machines. The machines can be customized to throw certain speeds depending on the user. We offer two baseball batting cages and one slow-pitch or softball cage. See prices below;
Time Cost HitTrax Availability Prebook
30 mins $37.50 Yes Yes
1 Hour $75.00 Yes Yes
Tokens 12 tokens for $20 No Yes

Cage # 1 - Slow pitch/softball

Cage #1 is loaded with softballs (12 inch in circumference). The Iron Mike© pitching machine in cage 1 can be set to throw lob pitches (slowpitch) or windmill type trajectories (flat) for softball players.

Cage #2 - Baseball

Cage number 2 throws baseballs. The Iron Mike© pitching machine in Cage 2 has been set to throw speeds between 40 mph - 55 mph. Cage number 2 is set up to accomodate our youth baseball programs. Cage #2 is designed for ages 9 and up.

Cage #3 - Baseball

Cage number 3 throws baseballs. The Iron Mike© pitching maching used in Cage 3 is set to throw speeds of 70 mph up to 85 mph. Cage number 3 is setup to accomodate experienced baseball players.